The personal motivator you've always wanted!

No one is quite sure who he is or even where he came from, but the Geordie Motivator's methods cannot be questioned and he is here to help you.

Now his app is here, ready to motivate you and give you or your friends the kick up the bum when you need it most!

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Be motivated, how you want, when you want...

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Download the app for free from the Google Play store or the App Store and you can start motivating immediately in 'Right Now' mode. With the free version of the app you can use the 'General' category and sample some of the Geordie Motivator's witty motivations.

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Download the full version of the app for just £0.69 from the Google Play store or the App Store and get the full feature set:

icon showing a bell Set alarms to be motivated any time any day
icon showing a clock face Use the interval setting for regular motivations
icon showing a thumbs up Set favourites to use them again and again
icon showing a thumbs down Mark dislikes so you don't hear them again

And get the full set of categories, so that you can be motivated in every area of your life. Click on the logos below to hear an example sound file:

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icon showing alarm clock
icon showing man running out of a door
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Download a full PDF list of all the motivations included in the app by clicking the button below:

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